Amazon Stock Price Prediction for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030, 2040 & 2050

Assuming that you are familiar with Amazon, which is among the world’s most well-known and costly brands, it started as an ebook marketplace in 1994 founded by Jeff Bezos, and has grown into a major technology conglomerate. Many consider Amazon to be one of the most important cultural and financial factors in the world, with a focus on digital streaming, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. Amazon’s shares have recently risen in anticipation of the industry’s fourth quarter of 2018 and 2021 earnings releases. In the final quarter of 2021 alone, the company reported net sales of $137.4 billion, representing a respectable 9% improvement over the previous year’s figure. Net income almost doubled during the same period, rising from $7.2 billion to $14.3 billion.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction

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Amazon (AMZN) Stock Analysis

In May 1997, Amazon had its first public offering of stock with an IPO price of $1.28 per share. Over 25 years later, the value of Amazon stock has increased to over $82 per share.

Recently, Amazon’s stock has been on the rise in anticipation of the fourth quarter 2018 and 2021 earnings reports for the industry. In the fourth quarter of 2021, the company announced net revenues of $137.4 billion, which is a respectable 9% increase from the same period in 2020. Additionally, net income increased by over a quarter, from $7.2 billion to $14.3 billion, during the same time frame.

However, Amazon’s stock price was halved in 2022 due to risk aversion and concerns about a global economic downturn. This caused the stock to drop to its lowest level since the market turbulence in March 2020. In 2021, the stock saw a bull run, reaching an intraday high of $188.65 on July 13. But in 2022, the image is quite different, with the stock losing 50% of its value due to various factors such as the Ukrainian conflict, high inflation, and aggressive monetary tightening.

Amazon Earnings Forecast

Amazon’s expected quarterly earnings are $0.23, with a range of -$0.03 to $0.36. EPS for the prior quarter was $0.03. In the last 12 months, AMZN exceeded its EPS estimate 25.00% of the time, while the industry as a whole exceeded its EPS estimate 60.98% of the time. Amazon has underperformed its industry as a whole during the past year.

Amazon Sales Forecast

AMZN expects its sales to total $124.68 billion, with a range of $121.00 billion to $127.80 billion. Sales figures for the preceding quarter were $149.20B. In the previous 12 months, AMZN exceeded sales projections 50.0% of the time, while the industry as a whole did so 66.93% of the time. Amazon has underperformed its industry as a whole during the past year.

Highlights of the AMZN stock Forecast.

YearLowest PriceMedium PriceHighest Price
Amazon stock price prediction 2022 to 2050Amazon stock price prediction 2022 to 2050
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Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2023

Our projections and estimations suggest that the Amazon stock price will have a high of $215.95 and a low of $186.88 in 2023. Nevertheless, if the market remains stable, we anticipate the stocks to stabilize at an average price of $201.83, indicating an increase from the previous year.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2024

Our team of experts conducted thorough market research and analysis, and they predict that the AMZN share will hit a record high of $271.72 in 2023. Although it might decrease, it can only go down to $237.33, thus it will still increase over the prior year. If the market remains stable and shows no movement, the average sale price of the Amazon stock will be $253.94. Consequently, 2023 will be a great year to sell your assets and increase your profits if you are an experienced investor.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2025

Our analysis suggests that 2024 could be a promising year for Amazon stockholders who have invested in the company. Our forecasts indicate that the stock price may reach an all-time high of $353.50 and a low of $308.50. However, even in the event of a decrease, the stock price is not likely to fall below $237.33. Assuming a stable market, the average sale price of Amazon stock is expected to be around $330.00. It is important to note that these are predictions and subject to various market factors, so investors should always conduct their own research and seek professional advice before making any investment decisions.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2026

If you are considering buying or selling Amazon stock in 2026, it would be a wise decision to carefully evaluate the market risks involved in trading and investing. Our estimation suggests that the highest price Amazon will reach in 2026 is $440.50, while the lowest is $376.76. However, this is subject to the stability of the market and the support of the economy. We recommend cautious spending. The average price for this stock is projected to be $403.14 if the market remains stable.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2027

In 2027, Amazon stockholders can anticipate a promising year with potential for significant gains. We forecast that each share will reach a high of $530.57 and a low of $463.42. However, assuming a stable economy, which is not always guaranteed, we predict the stock will settle at an average price of $495.86, indicating a significant increase in value from the previous year. It is advisable to hold onto the stocks for an extended period since our calculations suggest that the price may continue to rise in the coming years. To maximize profits, we recommend that investors consider trading or acquiring more stocks to boost the price by 2027 and achieve their investment goals. Nonetheless, investors should always exercise caution and consider market risks before making any investment decisions.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2028

With each passing year, the price of Amazon shares seems to be increasing exponentially. So, following the same pattern in the year 2028, we have the highest rank of $636.68 and the lowest sink of $556.10. We anticipate that this share will establish an average price of roughly $595.03 in 2028.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2029

The year 2029 seems to be equally profitable for AMZN shareholders. The year will recognize the highest record-breaking price of $795.85 and the lowest will be around $695.13. However, the stable market will give $743.79 to each shareholder. So, if you are an Amazon shareholder, brace yourself to become Richie-rich in the year 2029. As we’ve mentioned, one should do their own study and analysis before starting these investment suggestions. Consult a financial professional before making final judgments, as both investments and trading include a high level of risk.

Amazon stock price prediction 2030

Our analysis and market research show a promising future for Amazon, as it is a highly innovative company. By 2030, analysts predict that the company’s stock will reach $1,020. In the first quarter of 2030, the value of an Amazon share is expected to rise to $1,166, and in the following six months, it is projected to reach $1,090 per share. This indicates a significant growth in the stock market, which is expected to continue in the long term. As an Amazon investor, it is advisable to be patient and wait until 2030 to reap the benefits of your investments. However, it is important to exercise caution and seek the advice of a financial professional before making any investment decisions, as there is always a certain level of risk involved in trading and investing.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2040

According to our analysis, the year 2040 looks promising for Amazon stockholders, with the share price expected to reach a maximum of $5,600 and a minimum of $4,880. These prices are significantly higher than in previous years. On average, the stock is predicted to maintain a price of $5,225. It is important to note that this is a long-term prediction and may be subject to changes due to various factors such as market conditions, company performance, and economic trends.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 2050

Investors who hold Amazon shares can expect a significant increase in the value of their investments in the coming years. According to our analysis, the stock is projected to rise steadily in the next few years, with a peak value of $271.72 in 2023, $440.50 in 2026, and $530.57 in 2027. In 2030, the stock is forecast to reach $1,166, and by 2050, the highest price could be as much as $10,242.47. However, it’s important to keep in mind that market risk is always present, and careful consideration is advised when making investment decisions.

Bull Case for Amazon

The key factor behind Amazon’s success has been its ability to operate on a large scale, resulting in increased revenues and profits. The company achieves this through continuous investment in research and development and exploring new business opportunities. In recent times, Amazon has been focusing on digitalizing retail and telemedicine, among other things.

To facilitate cashierless payments, Amazon has launched Just Walk Out and Amazon Go. According to a report by Global Market Insights, the self-checkout system market is projected to surpass $10 billion by 2030. Additionally, Amazon Care is a new venture that the company has ventured into in the telehealth sector, which is estimated to be valued at over $787 billion by 2028, according to Grand View Research. This component of Amazon’s business strategy is a significant contributor to its overall revenue.

Bear Case for Amazon

Amazon’s broad range of assets and substantial cash reserves have provided a cushion against problems arising from its business model. However, macroeconomic factors and their spillover effects pose a significant risk. A reduction in consumer spending and cost-cutting measures by other companies could harm the company’s overall revenues and profitability. Additionally, Amazon is grappling with the impact of global inflation on its foreign exchange transactions.

Furthermore, the Competition and Markets Authority in the UK is investigating allegations of deceptive business practices by Amazon to promote its own products and those of third-party sellers who use its order fulfillment service. The company is also facing scrutiny from EU regulators, who may impose fines if they find evidence of antitrust violations.

Is Amazon a Good Long Term Stock ?

We recommend that investors closely monitor the stocks and potential acquisition opportunities. While it may be a good time to invest in Amazon, we suggest holding onto the stocks for a longer period of time as our estimates indicate that prices may rise in the coming years. To increase stock prices and achieve investment goals, investors may consider trading or purchasing additional stocks.

Before making any investment decisions, we advise conducting thorough research and analysis. Additionally, it is important to consult with a financial expert as investing and trading carry a high level of risk.

Based on our analysis and the extensive market research conducted by various economic experts and analysts, Amazon investors can expect a positive future outlook. Despite occasional underperformance in certain quarters, industry analysts and investors alike believe in Amazon’s long-term potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a direct stock purchase plan available for Amazon?

It is possible for investors to purchase stocks directly from Amazon through a direct stock purchase plan (DSPP), which requires very little initial capital. While some DSPPs are free, most have minimal fees. This type of program provides a fast and automated way for long-term investors to acquire shares gradually. As of August 2019, Amazon began offering a DSPP.

Is Amazon known for paying dividends?

It’s essential to be aware that Amazon has never issued dividends, regardless of whether you are currently an investor or considering becoming one.

What would be the return on a $100 investment in Amazon?

As of now, has a market capitalization of $1.56 trillion. If an investor had invested $100 in AMZN stock a decade ago, based on the current price of $3065.53 for AMZN, it would be worth $1,627.44 today.

What is the total number of Amazon stocks available?

As of October 19, 2022, Amazon had 10.2 billion outstanding shares.

At what point in time will the stock of Amazon hit $1000?

The steady growth of Amazon’s stock suggests that it may reach $1000 at some point in the future. Although it may not happen within the next decade, it is possible that it could occur by 2050. The timing of this event is likely to depend on Amazon’s ability to expand its existing businesses and pursue new ventures through development or acquisition.


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